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Harley Street TV series on ITV

Harley Street with taxi

The new Harley Street television drama programme launched by ITV stars Suranne Jones, Paul Nicholls and Shaun Parkes. It follows Harley Street doctors through the world of Harley Street. The six part medical drama series is set in London’s famous medical district, and focuses on a an ultra modern, fashionable Harley Street doctors' practice.

The show is packed full of drama, intrigue, medicine and romance and features the adventures of three doctors including a renowned cosmetic surgeon called Dr Ekkow Obiang. (Search for a real cosmetic surgeon in Harley Street).

What will Dr Obiang be up to in the series.....?

According to the latest figures from The Harley Medical Group for cosmetic surgery for women, the top five fastest growing procedures are:

  • 59% Abdominoplasty
  • 40% Breast Augmentations
  • 27% Rhinoplasty
  • 24% Blepharoplasty
  • 9% Liposuction

Created by Marston Bloom, Harley Street on ITV1 television features a world in which doctors are with their patients every step of the medical journey,from lifestyle surgery to unusual and often life-threatening medical cases. It focuses on the complex personal relationships of the doctors who are continually forced to make life and death decisions while trying to find balance between their work and home life.

The lead characters include:

  • Martha who has grown up the daughter of a Harley Street practitioner, and although a top flight doctor in her own right, her background brings “a touch of class” to the practice.

  • Robert who is a working class lad, who has spent seven years devoted to his NHS training, and despite ‘the flash car and sexy suits’ he repays the system that trained him by working night shifts in a busy hospital A&E. 

  • Ekkow, the Harley Street cosmetic surgeon, who also has the looks and the sharp suits.  With a background in reconstructive plastic surgery, Ekkow is highly trained and a skilled cosmetic surgeon who knows how to make his patients feel good. Ekkow is also a constant support for Martha with his GP case load which contrasts with Robert’s often unpredictable approach to their practice.

According to Director of Drama Commissioning for ITV, Laura Mackie, “Harley Street is both aspirational and thought-provoking. It will offer viewers, who traditionally enjoy this genre, a different approach to health care storytelling, whilst retaining the life and death situations which make medical drama so popular.”

Whether it reflects the real world of Harley Street remains to be seen.The doctors and surgeons in Harley Street wait with baited breath to see if their secret lives are revealed!

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